Sourcing through Screen Share

Screen Share is a voluntary initiative run by young people on a shoestring. We have a limited supply of tech and so provide it to refugees supported through organisations we have already partnered with. 

Unfortunately, at the moment (last updated March 22),
we are not in a position to work with any further organisational partners, nor can we process self-referrals at the moment. 

We are growing as an organisation in order to increase supply and turnover of devices. If (hopefully when!) we achieve this, we will link our referral form on this page. Thank you for your patience!

Other Organisations

We'd have loved to be able to help, but our size at the moment means we can't transform every laptop. You can help us grow by making a donation or check out these organisations who will be able to help

If you are a school, college or local authority representative you can apply to the government's scheme here



Mer-IT has been tackling the digital divide since 2013, offering a computer to anyone who wants one, as well as running vocational courses. They will take your old (and broken) laptops and computers for their students to practice on! Here’s what they will and won’t take, and here’s how to donate your tech to them.

North London 

Community Laptops

Community Laptops are distributing working laptops to those in need in North London, to address the community inequalities that have been exacerbated by the Pandemic. They take laptops in working condition that were manufactured after 2010. You can donate your tech to them here, and find out more about what they accept here.

East London 

Bridge the Gap

Bridge the Gap are working hard to address digital and educational inequality in their borough of Hackney. They accept devices manufactured after 2012. You can donate your old tech to them here.

South London 

Lambeth Tech Aid

Lambeth Tech Aid have been up and running since March 2020, refurbishing disused tech and distributing it to those in need; young care-leaver, refugees, women identified by women’s aid groups and families with no recourse to public funds. Here’s some FAQ's about what they will and won’t take, and this is how to donate your old tech if you’re based in South London.

West London 

Ready Tech Go

Ready Tech Go provides technological equipment and support to anyone of any age or background without access to it in West London. They accept a range of devices in different conditions, and if they can’t fix it, they’ll recycle it. Here’s how to donate to them.

North of England

My Outsourced IT

My Outsourced IT is repurposing old hardware to tackle digital exclusion in Manchester. Donate your old tech to them here.


Solidaritech have a similar approach to Screen Share, refurbishing donated laptops and passing them on to adult asylum seekers and refugees in Bradford. Here’s how you can donate your old tech to them.

West of England


DigiLocal are providing laptops for vulnerable young people and families in Bristol. They accept Windows laptops in good working condition. For more info on what they’re looking for and how to donate your laptop, take a look here.


Birmingham Education Partnership

Birmingham Education Partnership are providing laptops to support families and children in need in Birmingham. Here’s how you can find out more about their requirements and donate your old laptop.

South of England


Tech-Takeback have been refurbishing and recycling tech since 2016, aiming to reduce e-waste primarily in Brighton. They take any device in any condition! You can donate your old tech to them here.

None take your fancy? Click on the names below for full directories of tech donation projects in the UK