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I'm worried about my data privacy! What guarantees can you give?

When we receive a laptop, we immediately reset it to its factory settings. We completely understand the importance of data security - under no circumstances would we pass your laptop to anyone else without wiping it first.  We can even provide a video of your laptop being wiped if you like. In most cases, depending on the age of your device, we destroy your hard drive after wiping it and replace it with a new one. 


While we are happy to wipe a laptop for you for no charge, we understand if you’d rather wipe it yourself (this saves us time, too!) We’ve put together a document which gives you a step-by-step guide to removing all data from your Mac, Windows computer or Chromebook. 

Are you a registered charity?


Yes! As of November 2023, we are now a registered charity (Charity number: 1205408). Here we are on the Charity Commission website.

The refugees we provide laptops for are known to and supported by a host of organisational partners of ours. We feel this is the most effective way to support our recipients, as our provision exists in the context of a holistic suite of support. We recognise that this approach means we don't reach those who are not supported by a specific organisation, and are looking to grow as an organisation so that we can. 

Screen Share exists thanks to catalytic funding from the The Blue Thread Big Ideas Fund, which supports young people to develop socially positive, mission-driven tikkun olam projects (improving the world) inspired by Jewish values and aimed at creating change in the world. 

How can I refer someone to you? Can I self-refer?

Screen Share is a voluntary initiative run by young people on a shoestring. We have a limited supply of tech and so only provide technology to refugees supported by organisations we have already partnered with. Please check our 'Need a Laptop' page for the latest information about our position on referrals. We are trying to grow as an organisation and increase the supply and turnover of devices.


Do you accept iPads?


Yes - unfortunately many families have no technology at all. While tablets aren’t laptops, they are useful, especially if they come with a keyboard! Similarly, we accept phones where suitable.

I don't know whether my laptop is suitable!

If you think it's too old, it's probably is too old. If it says 'Celeron' or 'Pentium' anywhere, it's too old. If it says 'i3', 'i5' or even 'i7' then it's probably great! If you're unsure just send us a picture and we'll let you know. And if it doesn't suit, we've created a directory for you to send it elsewhere (visit Donate Your Device)!  


I don’t have a charger. Is this okay?


Chargers are obviously really useful, but laptops without them are fine (as long as those laptops have recently shown some signs of life!)

I don’t have a laptop but I’d like to make a donation. How can I do this?


Thank you! We are now taking donations and using the funds for laptop repairs. We are volunteers - not a penny goes anywhere else. Just click here!


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