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Screen Share exists to support, inform and advocate for digital inclusion for refugees in the UK. By making a donation, you do too! If you have any questions about your donation or want to know where our greatest need is at a particular moment, just drop us an email. We'd love to hear from you. 

To make a donation, use the box below. Scroll down for more information about how we will use your donation. If you want to make a large donation, please drop us an email and we can work out how your support can be most impactful.

"My laptop is a Pandora’s box as it’s a gift that have not stopped giving in a time of dire need where 90% of my digital to-do requires a laptop. Thank you so much Screen Share. They have come to bridge the digital divide and is ethically outing an end to digital exclusion for the most vulnerable people in the UK (which includes but not limited to asylees, migrants and refugees). I am one of such people and to think they have come to my aid not once but “twice”, I meant it when I say they are the gift that won’t stop giving. I am confident to do my work with my PC but even more reassured that others like my self have the safety net of Screen Share to help them as well" - Screen Share Recipient, 2023

Screen Share takes used laptops, refurbishes them through the power of volunteering, sends them good-as-new devices to refugees across the UK, throws a data pack in the box for good measure and then invites the new laptop owners to learn digital skills with us too! 


Each and every single donation will enable us to continue our mission: to make sure every refugee in the UK has access to a reliable, connected device which allows them to, well, live. Can you imagine not having a laptop?


Each and every single donation will enable us to continue our mission: to end the digital exclusion of refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK. The rising cost of living and changes in hardware costs mean we are in need of support to keep doing what we do.

Why are we doing this? 

Digital inclusion is vital in a modern world. Research shows that having internet access improves health, happiness, and can uplift a household's income. It saves time completing fundamental tasks (including accessing healthcare information, banking, and job searches), and provides a lifeline to those isolated from their friends and family.


People seeking asylum are provided with only £5.80 a day, and are dispersed around the country away from existing support networks. They are not allowed to work, which promotes boredom, loss of self worth, and exacerbates mental health issues. The provision of a device can be a lifeline in these circumstances, providing a chance for connection, meaning (for example, through enabling access to language learning and other training), and helping them get back on their feet when they are granted status.


"I would like to thank you so much for providing me a laptop to use during my studies. This is really help full especially that I m doing an engineering course which needs a laptop to work on assignments and projects. I don't really know how to thank you." - Recipient, 2022


Screen Share UK was founded to address a significant gap in support provision within the refugee support sector in the UK. We provide a specialist, environmentally-friendly solution at no cost to the recipient or partner organisation. It is widely understood that digital inclusion underlies a lot of other problems refugees experience as they build their new lives. We see the provision of a device as the starting - not the finishing point - of refugee support. We are proud of be doing this work, gifting great devices to people so that they can reach their potential and live happier lives.


Where do our devices go?

Since founding in January 2021, we have provided laptops to over 265 people across the UK. This includes people from 39 different countries! We partner with support organisations to ensure that each device reaches the right person and that they are supported in using it to achieve their goals. We are the only organisation seeking to address this problem on a national scale.


Screen Share devices are used for a variety of different purposes. These include for college, further education, work, language learning, connecting with friends and family, contacting solicitors, searching for jobs, online banking and browsing, and watching films and playing games. 


If you're not sure or have a question - just get in touch. Drop us an email on Thank you! 


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