Why Laptops?

More than a million children in the UK do not have access to a laptop. Many of these children are refugees who have travelled across the world to find safety. Some of them are entirely on their own. 


Without social and familial networks to rely on, education is crucial for young refugees.  Learning English, making friends and securing qualifications gives them a secure foundation to build on as they settle in the UK.


Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, young people in education without access to the right technology lagged behind their peers at school and at college. Now that gap is widening and we need to do something about it. 


Screen Share provides laptops to young refugees to support their education and to tell them they are infinitely valuable, that they can achieve their dreams and that we believe in them. 


We collect your laptop, wipe and repair it if necessary, and pass it to a refugee education charity to support their holistic support of young refugees and their journeys.


If you have a laptop, or would like to join as a volunteer, please get in touch.

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