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Get involved

Screen Share is powered nearly entirely by volunteers. In addition to the roles below, we are looking for leaders to join our team, to coordinate those volunteers and to take responsibility for Screen Share's direction. If this sounds like you and you want to lead on one of the areas below - please be in touch

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Runners pick up laptops from donors and deliver them to Screen Share. They join a Whatsapp group of trusted Runners who respond to the need for a pick-up or delivery on an ad-hoc basis. They are friendly and reliable. reassuring. to donors.



No less important for being obvious, charities need funds to function and by running campaigns and introducing us to new friends, fundraisers help us grow and operate. We're comfortable in asking for what we need - fundraisers give those who want to give the opportunity to do so.



Techie's know the basics of laptop refurbishment. They commit to taking a certain number of laptops a month, fit new hardware and download the right software. They follow guidelines but take ownership of the laptops and decisions relating their long-term utility. They are central to the Screen Share model.  

support young refugee's access to educat

Comms and growth

Want to create engaging content or research the digital divide? Our Comms team would definately appreciate a hand! Get in touch with them through our socials and we can suggest some actions! 

Image by Marten Newhall


Finders 'plug their networks' for laptop donations. This means posting on WhatsApp groups, sharing resources on LinkedIn and Facebook, mentioning it at book club and in the synagogue newsletter. They introduce Screen Share to their friends. Finding even one laptop can make a massive difference to a refugee's life.


Digital Skills Mentor

Do you have a spare hour a week? We can match you with a refugee who needs help with using the computer. Part of the challenge is connecting refugees with the tools which are already available. That's what you'd do as a mentor, in addition to working through our digital skills curriculum. Commitment and patience required. 

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