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What is Screen Share?

Screen Share exists to support, inform and advocate for digital inclusion for young refugees. We do this primarily by repurposing used laptops and gifting them to young refugees in the UK. 


Here's how it works: fill out the Google form by clicking the button above. We pick your laptop or device up, wipe or replace the hard drive so your data is deleted, and then one of our IT volunteers refurbishes it with new hardware and software. Then we pass it to refugee who has been referred to us by one of our partner organisations

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So you want to donate your laptop?


Thank you so much! We accept laptops which: 

  • Switch on 

  • Have built-in cameras 

  • Are no more than 8 years old

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Unfortunately, at this stage, we don't accept laptops which:

  • Show no signs of life

  • Couldn't fit into a medium sized backpack

  • Have a sticker by the trackpad which says 'Celeron' or 'Pentium'  

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We have these restrictions and only provide good quality tech to our recipients because we think they are worth it, and we want them to know we believe in them. There's a good chance we can turn your 'seen better days' laptop into something high functioning and reliable. If you think your laptop is 'probably too old', then you're probably right. 

These other organisations may be able to take your older laptop and make it useful for someone! 

Screen Share
currently partners with and provides laptops for service users at a range of refugee organisations, including: 


Number of devices passed on since January 2021:


Screen Share is kindly supported by the Blue Thread Big Ideas Fund

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