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How do I refer someone to Screen Share? 


You can refer someone to Screen Share at any time. This does not guarantee a laptop. We will contact you if your referral is successful.











Will I get a laptop?

Submitting the form does not mean we can definitely get you a laptop. We receive hundreds of requests every month. We distribute around 25 laptops per month. 80% of those laptops go to our partner organisations. Beyond that, we prioritise on the basis of urgency, suitability for the devices we have in stock, whether you are working towards the outcomes we are measuring (education, employment, volunteering and community engagement etc.) and any willingness to get involved with Screen Share as a community. We wish we could provide devices to everyone, but demand has always been bigger than supply. 

How does your referral system work? 

We provide 80% of our laptops to people referred by our referral partner organisations. The remaining 20% are distributed according to our priority system. You can apply at any time for a laptop. We will contact you if your referral is successful. From the outset and throughout we will treat your data with respect and in accordance with our privacy policy.

I want a laptop but I’m not a referral partner organisation. 


You can make a referral to Screen Share at any time, for yourself or on behalf of someone else. 

Please be aware that at this stage of our growth we are prioritising referrals from our existing partner organisations. We can therefore make no guarantee that a referral from a non-partner organisation or self-referral will lead to the delivery of a laptop. Partner partners will not need to wait more than 4 weeks for delivery. Non-partner organisation may need to wait 6-12 weeks. 


When we do have laptops which can be distributed to people referring themselves and non-partner organisations, we prioritise on the following basis. 

Please note we are a small organisation with limited resources and no central hub. It's for that reason that our provision is small, currently about 25 laptops per month.  


We will inform you if we are in a position to provide a laptop to you or someone you have referred.


You may want to contact these alternative options

How can I become a partner organisation?

If you want to apply to be a partner organisation, click here. You can apply at any time but we will review applications when supply allows or every six months, whichever is sooner. 


Partner organisations recognise the need for a sustainable nationwide go-to tech organisations for refugees and are with us in building one. This means referring clients regularly, helping us measure and record demand, having a singular contact point, receiving deliveries to their offices, co-producing case studies with service users and sharing our feedback form and being critical friends. They give a bit more and they get more. 


I'm not sure whether the person is eligible? 


We accept referrals from people of all ages and all immigration status who i) are refugees or have experience of forced migration and ii) who are unable to buy a laptop themselves. 


I have submitted a referral but I haven’t heard back? 


Thanks for submitting the form. We endeavour to reach all referrals, but demand for Screen Share laptops is higher than our supply. We will let you know if your referral definitely won't be accepted, otherwise we are prioritising referrals on this basis (click here to see our Referral Priority criteria) and will contact you if and when we can provide a laptop. 


If you have signed a Screen Share Partner Organisation Agreement and haven't received the laptop or device within 4 weeks, please contact us. 


I referred someone and haven't received a laptop and they don't need one any more.


That's great - well done for sourcing a laptop elsewhere! Please let us know as soon as possible so we can remove them from our list. We hold referral offers for 14 days before withdrawing them. Please also let us know where you sourced the device as we are putting together a comprehensive resource! 

Is there any other way to get a laptop from Screen Share? 


To support our charitable endeavours, we do run a small business of selling laptops on the refurbished tech market. Stock is limited as we’d rather give them away, but we’d rather distribute those we do sell to refugee charities and local councils supporting refugees. If you’re that and need laptops urgently and have some budget, email At the very least we can offer refurbished tech advice.  


I referred someone and they received a laptop from you within the past 3 months but something is wrong with the laptop - what do I do? 


If the laptop was received within the past 3 months, we will endeavour to replace it in accordance with the terms specified in the tech agreement issued when the referral was accepted. Please let us know as soon as possible. We will either repair or replace the laptop and if the latter, arrange for return of the faulty laptop.


I received or I referred someone who received a laptop from you more than three months ago and now something is wrong. 


In this case, please let us know as soon as possible and make a new referral for that same individual. Refurbished technology does not last forever. The new referral will need to go through our existing referral system again.


I or a person I referred received a laptop and has now managed to find another laptop - what do I do with the one Screen Share provided? 


The ultimate win for Screen Share is when someone uses their device to source their own device, either through working and buying their own or sourcing another elsewhere. In such a case, we welcome the re-donation of devices as there are lots of people in need of tech. Please check in with the person you referred to see how they are getting on with the device - if for whatever reason they are not using it we would prefer to take it back and distribute it where it’s needed.

What’s the difference between a partner organisation and non-partner organisation/self-referral? 


Partner Organisations


If you are a partner organisation, you will have had previous discussions with Screen Share and signed a Screen Share Partnership Agreement. This agreement sets out how Screen Share will endeavour to provide a regular flow of laptops to you each month, depending on your needs and size. The individuals you refer will receive a laptop from Screen Share within 4 weeks. In return, you will help us to be as efficient as possible by helping us on the logistics side, having one clear contact point, offering the option to deliver straight to your office where possible, sending any spare tech and volunteers our way, sharing our feedback form with your clients and providing at least one case study every 10 laptops you receive. 


If you don’t refer a regular number of people a month, you won’t be able to be a partner organisation. 


If you want to join as a partner organisation, you can fill out this form


We will contact you if we are in a position to sign new partnership agreements. 

Non-Partner Organisations and Self-Referrals


If you are not a partner organisation, or you are self-referring, you can still refer someone by filling out this form at any time. We endeavour to provide at least 20% of our laptop output to non-partners and self-referrals each month, and will assess this type of referral at the beginning of every month. We will endeavour to provide you with a laptop but can make no guarantees, and the wait is likely to be at least 6 weeks. It is painful for us to have to prioritise people above others - every person deserves a device. We will assess each referral on the basis set out in our priority document, linked above. If you have submitted a suitable referral and we can provide you with a laptop, we will contact you via email. In the likely event that we receive more suitable referrals than we can provide for each month, we will work through those suitable referrals in chronological order. 


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