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Swimming for Screen Share

One of our Directors, Vicky, is swimming 2 miles at the Great North Swim to raise money for Screen Share on the 12th of June!

Fund her campaign here:

From Vicky:

"On 12th June, I'm swimming 2 miles in the Great North Swim to raise money for Screen Share UK. I have had the huge privilege of working alongside the wonderful Screen Share team since Jan 2021, and now as Director.

Screen Share does brilliant work challenging the digital exclusion of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. We source, refurbish, and deliver great quality tech as gifts to those who need them. Each device supports someone to get back on their feet, giving them access to education, training, social events, and language learning opportunities. Since Jan 2021, we have supported over 175 refugees and asylum seekers with their tech. This makes us a key distributor in the sector, particularly because we provide the laptops for free and as gifts to those in need. This is important for many reasons, not least that it gives the recipient security in their provision. "The laptop allows me to look and apply for jobs and browse the net. It's so useful and gave me a really big push to enhance my situation at all levels. I really can't express my deepest gratitude" - Screen Share recipient 2021

Every pound you donate goes directly into our processes, making sure we continue as a sustainable organisation. Our donations go toward making sure each laptop gets a full hardware update to ensure it lives a long life with its new owner, and on making sure they are transferred safely around the UK. Fundraising efforts like this are important to us, as it means we can focus on looking forward (we have some grand future plans). We are a small organisation so every pound really does count and go towards our vital central processes. Any questions, please do reach out!"

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