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Volunteers area

Welcome to the Screen Share Volunteer area! Thank you so much for wanting to get involved. We love and rely on volunteers. We would love to work your skills and perspective into our growing team.

Any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to Moses via email. 

Are you a new volunteer? Welcome!

We are very happy to welcome you! There are a few steps for you to follow to get inducted into the Screen Share volunteer team...

Step 1: Fill in the volunteer interest form on Airtable
Entering your interest through this link registers your interest in volunteering with us. 

Step 2: Download, complete and upload the volunteer agreement (code of conduct) form
Click here to download our volunteer agreement (code of conduct) form. Please download the pdf, sign it, and upload the signed pdf here.

We will also ask for reference(s). We will email your referee this form 

Step 3: Watch the volunteer training video
You can access the training video by clicking here. Yeah, it's a bit outdated (do you want to improve it?), but we're a grassroots organisation :D 

Step 4: Join our Slack
Once you have completed all the steps, email to let us know. We'll then add you to the Slack channel - the ultimate space of all things Screen Share! Welcome to the team! 

NB: Sorry that this is a bit of a faff! We've made the volunteer sign-up process a bit protracted for two good reasons. First, we need to know you're legit. You're likely to engage with young people, vulnerable adults, people's data and Screen Share's reputation, so we need to know exactly who you are. Second, this weeds out the timewasters. We love positive intentions but are also trying to urgently solve a social problem. The theory is that if you don't have time or energy to fill out the two forms, it probably wouldn't have worked to volunteer with us in the end. We are genuinely grateful to you for the patience necessary to sign-up, for your willingness to jump through hoops to protect the aforementioned, and for being up for digitally including refugees with Screen Share - it's a beautiful environment, a right laugh and we really appreciate it. 

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